She Just Got Married, Part II - When Cancer and Capricorn Plan a Wedding Together!

Planning the wedding was now in full swing and every once in a while my daughter would even ask for my help – but not as often as I had originally envisioned. She is an organizer by nature….you know they type – the Capricorn! They make packing lists for vacations and actually use their day-timer (wait….they don’t call them that any more do they?). Her cell phone doubles as an alarm clock which means it’s always charged. Her gas tank never falls below a quarter of a tank and she pays all her bills online……on time!! If I hadn’t been there at her birth I would question if she was of my own DNA. I, on the other hand, love spontaneity and thrive on the frenzy of the last minute rush to meet a deadline. I am a Cancer but I prefer to say I’m that cute little crab that scurries across the sand – preferably Caribbean sand. So when she brought home a pink file folder box and a three ring binder to keep ideas organized in conjunction with her online planning tools I knew she had it under control. Well, she did until she realized her taste had changed since we purchased what we thought was the perfect wedding gown some two years prior. Yes, I actually made the unbelievably naïve assumption that we could check that item off her very organized list. Lessons learned?      #1   Never assume (yes, we all know the rest of the line).#2. Women have been known to change their minds#3.  Move lesson #2 up to Lesson #1. FINALLY…..I was back in the game because frantic functionality is how I roll!! Wooo hooooo!        

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