She likes my singing

I learned a pretty impressive tip today from Molster -- give the baby the bottle and lay her the same time.  Genius!  And it worked like charm because she got there at 8, was asleep by 8:30 and slept all the way through her last swimming lesson and our planned walk with the dogs until noon.  The kid sleeps.

So yes we skipped our last day of swim lessons and yes I felt guilty about it but mostly it's because I kept going over the numbers in my head and if my calculations are correct, I paid about $3.38 per minute for those life changers.  We'll be back dolphin pups, once Bug can walk, we'll be back. 

Tia had some things to get done today so we headed out to run some errands with Grandma in Hudson.  On the way there, I sang to her, like the whole way.  Please understand that she is the only human being in the world that is allowed to hear me sing out loud and boy did she get an earful today.  I went with "yes Jesus loves me" and I'm ashamed to admit that I couldn't resist replacing "Jesus" with "Tia" every so often.  I also sang her the alphabet song and sadly got a little confused my first time through after V -- go ahead, sing it all the way through, it's a weird unnatural ending.   The rest of the songs were made up on the go and were mostly about how much I love Bug, how much she loves me and about how much she poops her pants.  She loved it, I swear she did. 

Grandma and I decided that Bug is almost TOO cute, in fact we decided that her cuteness has to stop because we basically can't handle it anymore.  Looking at her pics and listening to her dolphin-like giggles is unbearably adorable.  So Mol, take note, the kid must cease her cuteness or Tia and Gma may die of love. 

I was on a mission to get my Halloween decorations bought today so we went to the Goodwill (because Gma gets 25% off for senior day- woop!) and then to the dollar store where we scored some serious deals.  Mission accomplished.

On the way home Bug and I stopped at a garage sale and I bought a fog machine and she was an angel the entire time, not a crabby peep out of her once, just happy noise-maker peeps.

We had so much fun together today, can't wait till next Wednesday when I get to put her into her Bug Costume for week 1 of 2 Halloween days - I love you baby!!


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