Domestic Violence Awareness Month: One Mom Stood Up

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Growing up, our family was never perfect but families never are. I will never forget the first time my mom told me her story. She was very brief and didn't give a lot of detail, but because I was at the age where I started hearing things (read: eavesdropping) and asking questions, she had no choice but to give me a few answers. I am nothing if not persistent (read: horribly naggy until I find out what I think others are not telling me).

I remember at first being a bit confused but that passed quickly and was replaced by awe. I was in awe of her. The self-esteem of young girls can be a fragile thing and at the time, mine was at an all-time low. So here was my mom telling me that she escaped this violence and kept us safe. My tween ears heard, "My mom's a badass!"

Today as an adult and mother to my own babes, I still think that. I remember after Mr. Pants was born, I called my mom. All I said was "Mom, I get it. I get it."

Because of her bravery, I lived a life that was safe. So do Mr. Pants and Plum. And one further? Because of that clear moment when the world fell away for her and she stood up and took her life back, she gave me mine and made it possible for my babies to live in this world. Because of my mother's love, I am loving my babies. I'm starting to go down that Fate Train again, I know. But just thinking about the other side of this coin gives me shivers. Knowing that in that moment, my brave mom pointed me, yet unborn, in the direction of my loving husband and my children. What a gift. What an amazing moment.

So I'd like to tell her that I love her. And that she is the bravest woman I know. And that it doesn't matter that we are imperfect. Because we are perfect for each other. I have to tell her she is amazing. I have to thank her a million more times. She stood up.

And because she did, I am free too.

I love you mom.


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you or someone you know needs help, start here.

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