she used to blog

she used to blog and she truly enjoyed it. she used to blog and loved looking at her work, inspired and creative. she loved taking pictures and making things and reporting on them. she used to blog and meet new people through blogging, she made great friends and friends from their friends. she had original ideas and ideas inspired by others. she cultivated a weekly link up and brought on contributors. she became more and more inspired.

then she became driven and she made her blog the center of her day needing to be fulfilled by it. she needed to create an income from it. she compared her blog to other blogs and became jealous and overwhelmed. she discovered the enormous masses that had blogs and was lost. she compared her writing and ideas to others and turned green with envy and decided she couldn't do it anymore. "there are just too many blogs out there", she said. "how can i compete?" she screamed into the empty canvas. tears fell from her red eyes and she grew sad and lonely, looking in all the wrong places for love... online shopping, endless internet job searches, and millions of images of the perfect home on pinterest. staring into her bright screen late into the dark night with tired loathsome eyes, the days passed into weeks and into years. she used to blog... blogging shimmering light a dim light shimmered ahead, could it be hope? hope floating on a newspaper sailboat on a turbulent sea? the light became brighter, and it whispered do what you love, don't worry about what everyone else is doing. create, inspire, write, make things...  do what you love...   


and so she thought and she thought, do what i love. who cares if it isn't seen, do it because i love it, i enjoy it, i need the creative outlet. she never considered herself a writer, just a sharer and so she decided to share. more terrified than ever, she decided to blog...



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