She Wants "A Lover"

Everyone wants to have sex. It's one of our most primal instincts. But humans are the only species that 'make love'.  This is not breaking news, I know! But isn't that why we have chosen a marriage partner...because of the love that sets us apart from the animals?

That's why I was really kind of sad when I read a blog recently entitled "I Want a Lover" written by a woman who describes herself as "having an uncanny ability to predict the future."  I find that ironic.

She starts out by saying:

"I want a lover who can keep up with me sexually. My tastes are refined and my skills have been honed over years of practicing my craft. I do not want to waste my talents on someone who is not bringing to the table the same skill set I have. I'm not in my 20's any more, no learning curves are being passed out. I believe it is true, once you reach your 30's you really start to hit your stride sexually."

I, personally, am NOT criticizing  the desire for intense, passionate, creative, erotic sex. Bring it on!

She goes on to list, in quite explicit detail, what she wants - demands, actually. But she puts at ease the minds of any would be lovers by stating ... "Yeah...My expectations for a lover are very high but in return he is getting a very salacious lover". In sales talk that's a great ROI (return on investment) if you're trying to close the deal.

But after a night of sexual innovation, "bodies which now have mingled scents - the height of pheromonic ecstasy" and "lecherous satisfaction" (all words and phrases she uses throughout her post) what will she have? A lover?

Does she really want a 'lover'?

Of course she does. We all want and need love. And I sense that she knows deep in her soul that a lover is so much more than a sexual partner. She gives herself away by saying ... "I want him to know true intimacy comes from eye contact, kissing, touching..."

True intimacy. 

And all the, skills, craftiness and talent in the world can't begin to give you what you crave most... intimacy... love.

I commend her for being honest in her title because, while she covers it up with eloquent, skillfully crafted language, she wants what we all want - someone to love who loves us in return. A lover.

Originally posted at "She Just Got Married. com"



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