Shedding the Facade

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Alexandra Rosas

When someone decides to live a virtual life, and take on a blog, the question becomes: how much to share of themselves.

Erin Margolin, of My Writer Roots, and I have found that by sharing 100 percent of ourselves, through working out our depression histories, our struggles with finding a community, with deciding what is right and what is wrong, by taking on less than popular stances; in short--by bringing on the truth, that we have created a community for others as well.

In a world where judgment is rapid fire, the natural protective survival we're born with is to not appear vulnerable. But Erin and I have done just that: we've shed the facade of life being only private struggles, and working through life's questions only within an inner circle.

By coming out as being ourselves, we are transparent and vulnerable, and often feel raw after publishing a post, but the responses and private emails sent our way, all too often say, "me too," and "thank you for saying what I'm too scared to say... yet."

Erin Margolin, through her Gay Dad Project and personal blog, and I will continue to post on anxiety, depression, self doubt, and esteem issues. Because we know, the world hungers for connection. And connection comes from knowing our stories. We keep on hoping that post by post, we can make others brave, too.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." ~Maya Angelou