Shelley Singer: My Life in Five Pictures | Women's Voices For Change

Maybe it is for this very moment that I have been cataloguing pictures and watching family movies for most of this decade, writing, fretting, and trying to see clearly and to say what is true. I have hours of DVDs, hundreds of pages of words, and a row of file boxes with year-by-year photographs, love letters, death certificates, sonograms, a hankie from World War I, passports, and locks of babies’ hair.

So when asked to show my life in five pictures, the raw materials were there – I had only to put myself to the heart-stopping task of summing up. My first thoughts were to use pictures with the people who have meant the most to me. Before long, I reached the happy conclusion that there are too many of them. Besides, I chose to believe that the challenge of this assignment was for me to show ME. It is my life, after all.

So, I went time-traveling through my boxes and after a while, I whittled the pictures down to ten or so, then to five. Soon they began to speak to me. I had my theme.


Read the rest, and see photos at Women's Voices For Change.


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