Adopting a Shelter Dog

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Back in August, I had the pleasure of helping organize the BlogHer ’12 Pet Fashion Show, partnering with PetSmart and the ASPCA. The best part of the experience was seeing all the cute pups that participated and hearing their adoption stories (which you can read more about in my recap post).

I shared the story of rescuing my dog, Molly, which has been such a rewarding experience, that I can’t wait to spread the love and get a second dog.  So when I realized October was Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month, I couldn’t think of a better topic to write about than why I plan to adopt a shelter dog. (Sure, it's now November but really, any month is a perfect month for pet adoption.)

Molly Dog

The most common reasons that come to mind on why you should adopt a dog from a shelter are the obvious, emotional ones, and are definitely a huge factor in my decision. But what may surprise you are the more practical reasons I have in mind.

First? While puppies are cute, I’d actually like a dog that’s at least a year old. Training, especially housetraining, is not fun, and often messy, and shelter dogs have the benefit of at least basic training while the shelter is caring them for.

Second? Social or medical issues are pre-identified. Shelter staff is very attentive to the dogs in their care and well educated in dog behavior. This is great for me, since Molly is the first dog I’ve had, and I want to make sure that any animal that I bring into the house is going to be a good fit for her, as well as me. Dogs in a shelter are screened for medical issues in advance, and come with their vaccinations and, if they’re old enough, are spayed/neutered. 

To learn more about the benefits of adopting a pet, check out the ASPCA website. Meanwhile, I'd love to hear thoughts on taking on a second dog from a shelter or other sources. Also, tips are welcome!

Erin Groh
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