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Hi, my name is Sherry Trenee of Sherry's Villa. My formal training is in criminalistics and biochemistry and I do love science, but my passion is helping girls and women develop healthy self-esteem. I taught science for two years in Los Angeles county and I was devasted by the stories told to me by young girls. The pressures of wanting to be "skinny" and beautiful was a little more than I could bare. I have been called "skinny" all of my life and I do not believe that skinny is a compliment (but I realize that most people mean it as a compliment). I literally despise the word "skinny." People should realize that being called "skinny" is the opposite of being called "fat." Skinny does not equal beauty. I know that some people believe that it's a compliment to be called "skinny," but that word is part of the reason that so many girls suffer from low self-esteem and eating disorders. One day, I decided to be apart of the solution instead of being apart of the problem. I created Sherry's Villa to provide information to girls and women about healthy self-esteem, eating healthy to be healthy, and true beauty. I believe that beauty is not what you see on the outside, it's the compassion in one's heart and the content of one's character. Being beautiful is to love one's self and to be the best person that one can possibly be. Beauty is a work in progress. The mission of Sherry's Villa is to convince each and every women and/or girl that visits Sherry's Villa to know that they are beautiful, despite what the media, magazines, televison, etc. wants us to believe is beautiful.

Sherry Trenee of Sherry's Villa

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