Sherwin-Williams Color Selection Tools (Part 1)

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Thinking of renovating a space in your home or office? Sherwin-Williams Color Selection Tools will easily bring a style vision to life in your home. You can use Chip It, Color Visualizer, Color Snap, and Color Snap Studio to brainstorm your projects and choose your color selection in the process. 

Read more to see how our bloggers used Sherwin-Williams Color Selection Tools to take a sneak peak on how easy it can be to come up with colors that you will love to see in your home. Also, get a chance to win a $50 Sherwin-Williams gift card.

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My Bedroom Makeover With Sherwin-Williams

At the end of this post, please leave a comment for a chance to win a $1,000 Visa Gift Card. One of the things that attracted me to our home when we bought it ten years ago was the large tray ceiling in the master bedroom. In addition to making the room feel larger and grander than it really is, it provides a lot of architectural interest. We've been happy with our tray ceiling as it is, but I've always felt that it had potential to be even more spectacular....more

Sherwin Williams: "Big Girl" Room Makeover

You know how some rooms are just ready for a change? My girls' are growing up. The last time I did their room was back in 2010, when I had 3 little ones under the age of 8 sharing one rooms.Flash forward to 2014 and now I have an almost teen and a grade-schooler in one room and they keep begging me to change their room, it's too baby-ish. Plus Oldest now has a loft and doesn't like it when anyone touches her "stuff" and keeps close tabs....more

Awesome Color Selection Tools and a Giveaway from Sherwin-Williams

Remember a long time ago when I redid my office to a guest room too? It turned out so cute and manicured. office has completely taken over that room, which makes sense since it is never used as a guest room anyway :) When I go up there, I cringe. I went up there to organize some stuff, filled up a box and after ten minutes left the room. It was too overwhelming. My motto is, "If you don't have any care in the world to clean it or keep it clean, it needs to be redecorated."...more

Master Bedroom Makeover: Sherwin-Williams Harmony® Paint

I can not tell you how excited I was a few weeks back to learn that I had been chosen by BlogHer & Sherwin-Williams to participate along with 17 other bloggers in making over a space in our home! The decision of what space to transform was a very easy one for me since I had already been brain storming on ideas for our master bedroom....more

Sherwin-Williams: Choosing Color Made Easy

Okay folks, this is the part that I’ve kind of dreaded the most: choosing exterior paint colors. Maybe because we have never painted an exterior of a home before? It’s the first impression of the house, and we don’t want to be re-painting it anytime soon -- we want to get this right!...more

French Country Cottage dreams AND a Sherwin-Williams giveaway

If you are new to my blog- you might not know that when we moved into our home the grooved knotty pine wood walls everywhere you looked were a huge selling point for me. I love them and knew that they after a little bit of paint- they would be perfect. Gallon after gallon of paint, one room at a time we painted those wood walls to add some much needed light to the rooms and I love how they turned out. Well, I love how most of the rooms turned out......more

Scratching the 10-Year Redecorating Itch with Sherwin-Williams paints

You see. I painted the striped accent wall in our laundry room/powder bathroom about 10 years ago. I kind of can't believe it's been that long?On the other hand, no wonder I am so ready for a change! I've been plotting and scheming whenever I go in there. Mentally painting over those stripes, tossing around color scheme ideas and envisioning better organization for at least the last year. Three Err, one thing at a time though right?...more

Dining Room Makeover (Part 1) - Choosing the Perfect Paint Colors + A Giveaway

Blah. That's what I think when I see my dining room in its current state. It hasn't undergone any real transformations except that I painted it the first week we moved in. I basically threw my grandmother's hutch and my 120+ year old mahogany table in there and called it a day. I haven't even put up blinds or curtains or anything.... "Hello neighbors! Don't pay any attention to the lady who wears yoga pants all day everyday!" And I guess it isn't necessarily even a dining "room" as much as a large eat-in kitchen area....more

Brainstorming with Sherwin-Williams

I've been thinking for a while now about how to bring our nursery up to speed. You know, since it's not actually a nursery anymore. It's been sort of thrown together and shifted around to grow with Big Brother, which has resulted in a kind of not functional-totally blah space. But its days are numbered because Sherwin-Williams is sponsoring a Big Boy Room makeover!...more

Project: Guest Bedroom

Shall we talk about the current state of my guest bedroom? Sigh... I don't know if I've got the energy to address its current "state" right now... first let me back up a bit. Living a good 3 days' drive from most of my immediate family has taught me one thing over the years, visitors are always welcomed and hopefully arriving at regular intervals. For this reason we've always tried to have a guest bedroom or a guest "area" of our home....more