SHIFT…or GET off the POT

The title of this post comes from Shift…or Get off the Pot which is both a book and a keynote speech by Linda Edgecombe. I saw Linda’s presentation at a lunch and learn session a few years back, and although I didn’t expect it to, it made an impression on me. I’m sure most of us have attended many sessions over the years that leave us inspired at first, and then by day 2 we can’t remember a single thing that was said. For whatever reason, I have never forgotten this one question that she posed to the group:

“Are you doing the best you can, considering everything that’s going on for you?”

Every time I start to dip my toe in the pool of judgment, this question comes back to me. Do you hear that judgement? I’M JUST HUMAN! Phew! What a relief!

The other question from that session, which to this day still makes me giggle, is:

“Who here was a better parent before they had children?”

I’ve never heard a room full of people laugh so hard. We laughed because it was true. It’s easy to say what someone else should or shouldn’t do, but until you’ve been in their shoes, keep your comments and/or judgments to yourself. Again, we’re just human so this can be unbelievably hard. Whether we're judging ourselves or others, perhaps awareness should be our goal. Think about it - we could substitute the words parent and children with a number of different words and it would have the same impact:

Who here was a better spouse before they got married?
Who here was a better boss before they got promoted?
Who here was a better driver before they got a licence?

See what I mean? Ultimately we all need to take a deep breathe and give ourselves a break.
There are enough SERIOUS things in life - let's not add to the list unnecessarily.
Sharing the journey,
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