Ships in the Night it often seems like….Ships passing each other but no real way to connect.  It can seem so difficult to make that intial contact with someone you see from a glance, distance, or just oh so briefly. Savyy connectors are people who simply know the art of CONNECTING…

Most people see each other in the blink of an eye and then they are gone……Many people we never really meet because we simply do not have the way of connecting…….It is sort of like a gold mine waiting to be discovered but no real way to get to it….unless we create a way….So many relationships could be formed if only we could start up a conversation in some way….

Conversation starters can vary but should always be on a positive note…..It can range from “asking what time it is” to “asking directions….” Or even the old opening “Don’t I know you from somewhere….”….Pretty much anything positive and non-personal to get a conversation started…..then to keep the conversation started if it is comfortable for both parties to do so…..

There is social protocol when it comes to crossing the line into conversation…and it is important to realize that it is not always appropriate to cross those lines…..Determining if it is OK to cross over into connecting with a person is key to any successful encounter……Sometimes we simply are not meant to connect or  for social boundry reasons it is simply inappropriate….

If it is safe, comfortable, and socially acceptable to make a connection than usually most positive one liners to open a conversation will work….at least giving that one time opportunity a chance…..Creating a whole list of one liners may seem cliché, but it does work….

Ships in Passing or Ships in the Night are how most people are….to get beyond that one has to become the “SAVVY CONNECTOR…..”



I simply believe that life is filled with OPEN DOORS and CLOSED DOORS…..If we are in the flow of our Divine Assignments doors will open and close as they are meant to….When we are not in our Divine Assignment doors will not open freely or as they are supposed to….We will most often meet up with resistance of what is truly meant to be right in our lives because we are not where the door is to be found…….

Closed doors are simply in a purpose to let us know that a season in some form has closed or an opportunity that we want is not right for us….That in a higher purpose for our lives another door will open…..and one may very well close….Without closed doors we often do not have the incentive or motivation to find the new right door for our lives….Sometimes doors will even slam on us putting us in the hallways of life till a New Door is discovered….

Closed doors can come in many forms….Sometimes doors close easily and were expected…..such as a child graduating high school. We knew in advance that that era was closing and a new one would begin shortly thereafter…….There are other doors that we did not see coming such as an unexpected layoff that no one had seen coming at all…..Something like that can throw everything into a tailspin unless one truly in life has set their lives up for “unexpected Events…”

Without closed doors we would not move on to the next part of our Divine Assignment….We would stay where we are long after we had completed that part of our lives….So often when people get stuck and “Stale” is when they have overstayed their welcome at where they are at in life…..Embrace CLOSED DOORS as a way towards your future……


“ALMOST”…The Almosts that never happened.

What happens when an “ALMOST” almost happens? We simply say “Thank You God for not letting it happen…”

Everyone pretty much has had one of those near misses or near hits in life where had it happened it wouldn’t have been good……Sometimes we simply miss something by just a “hair” in life…..Sometimes we caught our decisions just in time or something intervened…Be grateful for the ALMOSTS that never happened…



I simply see people saying YES to what they really want to say NO to…..Why do people agree on things they know are not right for them or reply YES to things that they are not responsible for? I simply think in many a case it has to do with simple exhaustion….When people are exhausted they often make wrong decisions as well as saying YES to what they truly want to say NO to……


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