The Shirt That Hangs

The week of my wedding, I often wore a dark pink jacket/shirt over my tank top.  It's a great color and sits nicely on my body.  I couldn't button it however, but that didn't really matter because it looks cute unbuttoned.

This morning I put it on to go to work and it buttoned right up.  It didn't go anywhere near my hips.  It just hung on me in a very nice way.  Goodness sakes.  My body has thinner hips than when I married.  

I looked in the mirror to both admire how sleek I must look and the looseness of it.  The looseness was apparant.  The sleekness was not.  My legs buldge.  My brain sees big legs, but my clothes say smaller hips.  I can only conclude that my legs look bulgier in comparison to my hips, and, if I were to stop comparing, my legs would indeed probably be thinner than they were before.  So I stopped by my starting and went on with my day.

My body is as it is.  I'm okay with it these days.  Not stand outside naked okay, but stand outside in my clothes okay.

I also did my six minutes of meditating and my eight minutes of abs.  The abs were hard.  I was sore from yesterday.  The meditating was great.  Hee.  It started off and I thought, "Oh this is so much easier than yesterday.  Already I'm learning to clear my mind!"  Ha.  If I was clearing my mind, I wouldn't be thinking such things!!

I worked on the mind clearing for six minutes and came up with many thoughts and goals and aspirations.  I'll work on it tomorrow as well.



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