Shmaltz HE'BREW Beer Tasting ON Passover

Last night I attended a Shmaltz Beer Tasting over at the Blind Tiger, thanks to  Foodbuzz.  Though this event was ironically held the night BEFORE Passover ended, I figured it was a unique opportunity that God had bestowed upon me. I mean it’s HE’BREW!

After making my peace with breaking Passover and arriving at the Blind Tiger I was immediately bombarded with dozens of eager beer drinkers, which I later learned were beer bloggers. Needless to say, the place was packed and I was happy to be among my fellow beer aficionados! Eventually Shmaltz reps Matt Polacheck and Sean Lynch found Christophe (of Chez What) and I and gave us a rundown on the 12 beers (coincidence I, think not) Shmaltz was serving that night.

After assessing our palettes, Matt & Sean decided to serve us a tasting of HE’BREW’s Coney Island Sword Swallower,  Rejewvenator, Jewbelation 12, and Coney Island Human Block Head (Aged in Jack Daniel’s Barrels). These four beers, as well as the others are considered to be vintage brews which will no longer be served (at least in NY) after Blind Tiger taps out. Lucky us!

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