As I entered the shoe department in Nordstrom, my heart started to race and my eyes widened like an owl that had just discovered its next prey.  I love Spring, the calling of Summer, and designs with bold splashes of color!  Truth be told, everything old is new again, and I have personally worn some of the shoes you see now back in the 70’s.  I love visiting the past, as long as it’s done right (in my mind).

The poor manager of the shoe department had his work cut out for him.  As he approached me with dollar signs in his eyes, they quickly widened like those of the owl because I had on the couch with me: not one, not two, not three, but nine pairs of shoes—platform, wooden bottom shoes with bursts of color that would rival an art studio.  “Whoa,” he said, “are there anymore?”  “You betcha,” and as I leaned forward he saw three more pairs behind me!  I looked up at him and told him to “settle in, it’s fun time!”

Hinge "Ledge" Sandal


I was surprised to find out (according to the manager of the shoe department), that the average shoe size for a woman is 7 ½-8.  I thought it was 6 ½-7.  I wear a 7 (sometimes a 6 ½) and apparently they get in one size 7 for every style (so finding my size is a roll at the craps table).  Today was my lucky day.  I scored two pairs of shoes, and I must say I can run in them (no surprise to New York women).  They are fun, extremely comfortable (which is a plus) and, be prepared (if you buy them), they do turn heads!  The “Hinge” shoes which are a Nordstrom brand with the black bow on the side are down-right cute and I said to the salesman, “if you shake your foot just a bit, the movement of the bow could replace the wink from a sexy girl.”  How do I know?  I had to try it, and the power of suggestion spoke volumes!

Brian Atwood


When buying shoes there are several things I look for: versatility, comfort, style, endurance, and the “sex factor.”  The sex factor is how hot the style is to men but most importantly, to women.  Men are easy to persuade (you know who I’m talking about), but when you can get a woman to compliment your shoes you have hit 777 on the one-arm bandit!  We all know that women are selfish when it comes to compliments, and if one is given to you by a woman, you know it’s the truth!

I think a compliment from a woman comes with a sense of security and confidence.  She knows you look good and has no problem paying it forward.  Why are we always out to drag each other down?  If you see something nice, speak up, and if you’re a bitch, shut it down (or my mother used to say, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”).  Is that why it’s so quiet?

I love wearing heels with skinny jeans and capris.  However, I’m not a big fan of heels and shorts.  Really…I think it looks ridiculous!  I’m totally into the whole “elongating the leg look” (I am 5’4”), but at what point do we enter trampville?  However, I will say that shorts and heels could fly on Halloween or in the bedroom (if that floats your boat), other than that…move on—next thought!

Whatever you wear, be comfortable and confident!  Own it and have fun, it’s fashion, not brain surgery.  Just because you see it on the runway doesn’t mean you should be wearing it.  It’s a good idea to stretch your boundaries and try something different, but not so different where you belong in the window of a Halloween shop.

Chinese Laundry


xo, jo

*I have the Hinge and Chinese Laundry -- they are fabulous!*

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