Shoot Me In the Face

In an average day at the clinic we run two 8 hour shifts. We have of course the day shift of 8:30-4:30 and the night shift of 6:30 to 2:30am. There is some overlap with other shifts so it's all staggered but those are the two main start times.
Over the course of a 16 hour day like that, we process on average around 100 units of blood. If it's busy it'll be around 150-200 units.
Last night, in my 8hr shift alone, we processed over 347 units of blood.

We were swamped. It was a gong show in the shit pit.

Then, when I came home from work, Danny had bought me Champions Online. He bought it for himself a while ago and I fell in love with the game (as was to be expected). My lappy has more than the minimum requirements so you'd think the game would run for me reasonably, correct?

Sadly, you'd be mistaken.
We've been trying everything to get it to run as smoothly and as detailed as possible. Hopefully we can figure it out because this cost Danny a lot of money and it can't be returned, which makes me feel super bad about it all.


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