Shoplifting Mom

The other night I was grocery shopping and have my HUGE purse/bag in the top of the cart, facing me, wide open. It did not occur to me that I might slip in a bag of Starbucks coffee or some gum or nail polish.


You see, I'm a super straight person. I am honest. If someone gives me back too much change, I make sure they get it returned, even if I have to drive out of  my way. A few years ago one of my kids (okay, two of them) had taken different things from a place (mostly candy). I took them back to the store and made them pay for the candy, and we haven't had any more problems. I don't lie to authorities, either. I make mistakes and I own them ...


... now.


Half my life ago I was a shoplifter. This was when I was about 18, waaaaaaaay before I had my kids. This was when I was married to an abusive guy and I guess I just can't get any other vices to stick like smoking or drinking so I stumbled upon shoplifting.


Back then I carried a large bag like I do now. Except these days my bag has a book, a notebook because I'm a writer, snacks, my Weight Watchers tracker, wallet, coupons, sunglasses and about 23 more pounds of stuff. If I ever have another baby, I will need rolling luggage to hold all my stuff plus diapers!


Anyway, I'm not going to give you the recipe for shoplifting because God knows who is getting on the Internet to find that out. I'm sure there are sites that can tell you how. Let's just say I was able to sneak things into my big bag, then go home and log them later in a notebook. It was like a ridiculous addiction. I was young and broke and drowning in a horrible relationship and that's what I did.


So there's my Mommy Confessional post. I'd love to hear how you turned from naughty to the straight and narrow. I do believe people can change; I'm proof of it.


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