Shopping with Sis

I have a hard time understanding how and why complete strangers feel it necessary to give my  Daughter the “crazy face“. Sure it might look a little odd that I am holding the hand of  a child the same size as me or that I have to keep reminding her to keep her hand on the cart. She might glance at you a little longer than you might like and you might not understand why she lets out a loud shriek when she seems to notice someone she knows, but this is her life and her right to go to the grocery store and I don’t for one minute think it is ok for you to mumble under your breath your opinions on what you “think “you might be witnessing.

 When Sis was younger , and I was younger I felt the need to explain to complete strangers that she was  not trying to be rude, and I would apologize for her long stares but now I have realized that I shouldn’t have to Explain my daughters behavior, because what really matters is, that when she takes the long glance, it is usually with a smile and a Hello! when she lets out the loud shriek its most likely because she is excited  to see a friend. People are so quick to judge , and for some reason think I might care to hear what they have to say… UM yea not so much.  As a mother it is my job to protect my children from the ugly in the world and unfortunately its very much at the local grocery stores and  our favorite restaurants , most places really.  These days I spend more time explaining to Sis that people make that “crazy face” because they need glasses, or they stare because she is so beautiful, and when people say things that we don’t care to listen to , we (meaning I )have learned to bite my tongue and walk away. Its truly unfortunate that people feel the need to be so cruel, I mean seriously is it that hard to just smile back?


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