Shopping Wish List

I have made the executive decision that for every inch I lose, I can treat myself to ONE of the items on my current wish list. I absolutely love shopping, so what better way to use it as a reward system for toning it up?

With all the Pure Barre I've been taking {officially 7 days in a row as of today!} and the running I've been doing, I'm bound to tone up as long as I stick with it.

The battery ran out on my scale, which initially is why I said based on the inches lost. After some thinking though, the scale really pisses me off and moves in ways it shouldn't when I bust my ass. So the scale is out and the tape measure is in!

I won't have time to measure myself this morning, but I will as soon as I get home tonight. I even have a little reminder.

Photo  92

Now on the the good stuff. I mean, I have to have a desirable wish list right? Otherwise, I wouldn't have the incentive to work!

These items are in no particular order. I think I will alternate one low priced item with one high priced item, just to spread things out. Oh! And if I lose multiple inches in one week I can either purchase 2 low priced items or 1 high priced items.

I really put some thought in to this. 

1. Gold Toms. 


Gold Glitter Toms, $54

2. Boyfriend Pullover. Here are my top picks this week, but I have a feeling this may change!



J. Crew Dream Colorblock Sweater, $89.50



Songbird Pullover by Free People, $98.00 Piperlime

3. Ankle Pants for Work.


Loft Marisa Drapey Ponte Ankle Pants, $69.50

I've been stalking these pants for days. I'm really hoping my Monday I lose two inches because I WANT.

4. Pure Barre Leg Warmers.


Pure Barre Thigh High Leg Warmers, $25

5. Riding Boots.

In all honesty, I want these beauties.


Tory Burch Irene Riding Boot, $495.00

Just not sure that they are in my current budget. I will either save  money week to week for inches lost and buy this in a month or two or find a cheaper alternative. I guess it will depend on my patience.

Do you reward yourself for accomplishments? If so, how?

Do you have a shopping wish list? This is my first time ever putting it down on paper!


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