ShopStyle and My Weakness for Shoes

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I’ll admit: I have a weakness for shoes. Namely, heels... wedges, pumps, peep-toe, stiletto, strappy - I really don’t discriminate.

Things I will discriminate on: comfort and quality. If it rubs my heel while I’m trying it on in the store, it’s gotta go. If I can grab the heel and wriggle it around a bit when it’s supposedly “attached” to the shoe, again, it’s gotta go.

Fun fact: One time some cheap boots I bought broke while I was walking down some stairs at work. Yes I fell. Yes I walked around with no shoes for the rest of the day, hence the prejudice.

So, when I find myself in a shoe-shopping frenzy, where to go? The obvious choices are Macy’s, Nordstrom and Dillard's (I’m looking for quality, remember?). Oh but wait, I don’t feel like paying $2984523 per pair of shoes. What to do...

Answer: Go there now (I will wait).

A note for the hesitant online shopper (HOS, because I like acronyms): Don’t panic! You can do this. I’m looking at you, Stacy! :) I know some of us find in-store shopping stressful, which makes online shopping seem like an enigma, but the reality is, you have WAY more options and are more likely to find something you really love (and in your size!). Just give it a shot and stay with me - you may change your mind.

Welcome to the world of pure shoe-magination! Basically, this site scours the internet to find out what’s on sale. Everywhere. You can look at a TON of other stuff on here, but in general, the shoe section is WHERE IT’S AT.

I know what you’re thinking. “OMG Joni, I do not have time to look through all of these amazing shoes!” Well, obviously. But take a look at that side navigation. You can sort by size, style, price, color, heel height, brand and more!

HOS: One way to get rid of some of that anxiety you may have about buying a pair of shoes online is to only buy brands you already own or are familiar with. That way you know what quality to expect and what size is correct.

And now it’s time for a shopping exercise... This is a game I play on days that I’m feeling like I need a new pair of shoes. Laugh if you want, but I always win! :)

Let’s sort by your size (me: 9), price (under $25, duh), and sale percentage (50%+). Why the sale percentage? Because then it REALLY feels like a bargain. None of this 15% off nonsense.

Now - GO! Do you know what you’re looking at now? A WHOLE MESS OF SHOES IN YOUR SIZE THAT ARE LESS THAN $25. Can you believe it?

HOS: Most places cover the cost of shipping/handling for returns. There’s no extra fee for you, the shopper, and you’ll get a full refund on the price you paid for the shoe.

Now, any good online shopper knows to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS google “coupon code for” and then the website you’re shopping on before you check out (ex: “coupon code for target”). Most of the time, you can score a coupon code for free shipping and you may even get a discount! If you’re too lazy to even check, you deserve to pay the extra $5-10 (harsh, but true).

HOS: I know - you’re like “google + coupons + computer = discount? WHAT?” Applying a coupon code to an online purchase is easy. First, search for the coupon online to see if there is a coupon you can use. Once you start going through the checkout process, there’s a blank space where you can enter a “coupon” or “offer” code. Just type it in there and press “apply.”

Check out these babies that I found on ShopStyle - DKNYC for $19.95 w/ FREE SHIPPING!


And these from ALDO for just $14.99!

Now go buy some shoes. NOW! And be sure to tweet us pics of your finds at @littlebtpretty!



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