Short on Time Challenge

What is your biggest excuse for not working out? I don't know about you, but my excuse USED to be that I didn't have enough time. I had a gym membership. But between having two very busy kids, running 3 businesses and trying to maintain a sane family life a home I just couldn't find the time I go to the gym. Not to mention the few days that I did actually get to go I would go in there and kind of blindly try to figure out what to do. I had no focus whatsoever. That all changed back in April when I took my friends challenge and started T25. I could work out for 25 minutes a day (YES, only 25 minutes a day!) first thing in the morning. No worrying about the time it will take me to drive back and forth to the gym, taking turns with my husband staying with the kids, getting all sweaty just to have to come back home to shower and rush to get ready for work. Those days are OVER! My routine is now wake up at 6:15, do my 25 minute workout from the comfort of my living room, have my shakeology and get the kids and myself ready for school and work. T25 Not only have I got past my fitness plateau, I have exceeded my fitness goals and am now maintaining the healthy and active lifestyle I've always wanted. I went from being able to run a slow 5K to being able to run 10K with no problems. I've gone from being able to hike a 2-3 mile trail to being able to hike the round trip 14 mile hike to Mount LeConte. So here's my challenge to you! Spend an extra 25 minutes a day on YOU! YOU deserve it!! My team is hosting a virtual Short on Time Challenge group right now. You can choose to do T25, PiYo or a hybrid of both workouts. All of the workouts are 30 minutes or less and you WILL see results. Are you ready to take the challenge?! Email me at or you can get your challenge pack directly from here to get started.

Cyndi Buchanan




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