Should creative writers opine on contentious issues?

Over the course of online involvement, I learned to discuss things of interest and importance to me, or things with impact upon my life.  The mix includes things good, and things bad, and I share a *cough* occasional opinion.

No name mentioned here, but I recently visited an author’s blog, an author of many books, one well known to most regular novel readers out there.  One sentence in her words struck me as poignant.  Paraphrasing her words, she claimed it would be disastrous for an author to share an opinion on a religious or political topic. 

If true, I’m sunk before a word gets published, because what I believe surfaces in what I write, inexorably intertwined and symbiotic.

So the questions go out… should a writer muzzle opinions on issues, and is it disastrous if they share personal views?

We all possess different outlook, and she is entitled to approach things her way.  So too me, different, I can’t write muted, it would disable my main reservoir of inspiration.





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