Should I Attend BlogHer '09?

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Every year, we announce that our annual BlogHer event will have something for everyone.

And every year, we get lots of feedback like:

I don't think I'm a big or important enough to go...

I won't know anyone there..

I can't go, I'm a dude!

I'm not techie enough for a blog conference...

I'm way too techie for a blog conference...

So in case you -- or someone you know -- is feeling hesitant, here's our take. Please pass it on!

For new and beginning bloggers
Every year, a significant portion of our attendees come to BlogHer before they've even started a blog. So there will be lots of other beginner bloggers in attendance, and we'll make sure there are plenty of opportunities to get information at a beginning level.

To facilitate this, we will be taking a slightly different approach to technical sessions this year, instead offering an ongoing Geek Lab all day, both days. The Geek Lab will include two presentation areas, one reserved just for tutorials for beginning bloggers. Plus our tutors will also have "office hours", so if you need a few more questions answered, experts will be available for you. So if you're a beginner, you don't have to worry about tech panels being over your head. Instead, we will be gearing specific content toward helping you get up, running, and getting the most from your blogs.

For new-to-BlogHer bloggers
Whether you're a beginning or experienced blogger, we know it can be intimidating to attend a conference with a thousand+ other people, especially if you don't know what to expect.  Please know that we will be working very hard to try and keep you well informed and well prepped before you ever set foot at the conference: through newsletters, blog posts, pre-conference guides and more.

And this year, we will be hosting an event just for BlogHer newbies on the first day of the conference.  (We think it's a little easier to walk into a room full of people you don't know when you DO know that everyone else feels the same way!)

For small-is-beautiful bloggers (even those who think is small is beautiful, but are looking to grow)
How "big" your blog is has absolutely nothing to do with what you can get out of BlogHer. We all know our traffic can be more private than our bra size or favorite sexual position. (Just ask BlogHer co-founder Jory Des Jardins, who shared everything except her traffic in this vintage post: Every Blogger's Worst Nightmare).

Everyone is in the same boat...we're passionate about blogging; which likely makes us geeks to the non-bloggers in our matter how much traffic we have or don't have.

For the geeks (and wannabe geeks)
As stated above, there will be a two-day Geek Lab going on throughout the conference. The second presentation area will be reserved for intermediate-to-advanced tutorials, and there will be lots of tables set up for smaller group hacking, tutoring, helping others, troubleshooting and problem-solving. We're going to offer the opportunity for the community to propose tutorials they'd like to give or attend, at various levels, and let the community vote. So stay tuned for more.

Bottom line: more content for geeky BlogHers! Yay!

For the dudes
Yes, BlogHer is a community by and about women who blog and yes, our event looks like the living, breathing version of our online presence. But in no way to we exclude or discourage men from attending.

Any professional or marketer who wants to really understand the 2.0 space has to really understand what the majority of bloggers (that's women) are actually doing there. And hoo-boy! There's simply no better place to observe women bloggers in action than at a BlogHer event.

But there are lots of reasons for men to attend. The agenda we build is relevant to many audiences -- improving one's SEO or getting published, for example, has nothing to do with gender. Maybe you're a parenting blogger and have a lot of female readers.  Or maybe you're not a blogger, but just want to understand why your partner, wife, girlfriend, mom, daughter, sister (etc.) is spending ALL OF HER TIME blogging.

Traditionally, about 10% of attendees are male.

So...what are you waiting for? Click here to register.


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