Should I have a third child?

I have two healthy children. I have one husband.  I am 34 years old.  I live in a 2 bedroom/1bathroom apartment (rent in the bay area is insane).  We have a shared washer/dryer with the other 4 apartments in the building. I have 2 masters degrees and a steady job. My husband has 2 masters degrees, an "in-progress" PhD, and a steady job.   We have health insurance, life insurance, and are contributing to retirement accounts.  I have a small, but significant investment portfolio (my husband does not).  We don't own any real estate, but our parents both own homes and have saved assets for retirement and inheritance.  Our parents live on the east coast and we live on the west coast.  We have student debt. We have a lot of student debt. We like sleeping through the night now that our youngest just turned 4 years old.   

In theory, I want another child. The trouble is that I don't think we have the bandwidth for it.  And what resources would we not be able to provide for the 2 children we already have if we add a third? What if the third child has costly special needs?  I could wait and see if there will be a better time for us to have a third child in a few years, but many risk factors increase after the age of 35.  Should I have a third child? 


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