Something to also look at when looking for a DJ is make sure the Emcee is top notch. You want someone who is comfortable on the mic and can get people on the dance floor during the entire evening. There is nothing worse than an Emcee who can’t get the crowd to play along. The Emcee sets the tone for the evening and by the middle of the reception you want your guests to love the Emcee. Usually the Emcee is also your DJ so make sure they also have a large library of songs to choose from. For us, we plan to let our DJ use his judgement for most of the music throughout the night. There will likely be about 20 songs we request but the rest we will leave to his judgement – you should trust your DJ to know what to play and when.

As for the package we were looking for: lights, photo booth, entertainment/music and Emcee we have that all covered in the company we chose. We talked to about 5 different DJ companies and wound up selecting POSH Entertainment in Cranford, NJ. I had previously worked with Lil Cee and Mikey B. back during my time in radio at KTU and completely trust them to turn my wedding into an amazing night. They offer everything soup to nuts and can get anyone on a dance floor. Some of the other companies I reached out to just didn’t seem to match my expectations. They were either non responsive (took forever to respond to calls or emails), made it seem like they were “way too busy and booked” to be bothered giving us the attention we wanted, or getting quotes/prices from them was like pulling teeth. Sometimes you just want to know the costs so you can X them off your list if they are out of your budget. Many want you to come see them in person before they even tell you quotes. I would highly recommend talking to POSH Entertainment if you are looking for a DJ company in NJ. (Tell them Adrienne sent you!)

In the end, you have to pick the music and entertainment that matches your vision, your venue and your guests. Hiring a DJ company is about half the cost of hiring a band, allows for more freedom for options of songs throughout the night, and is a bit more modern if you have younger guests at your wedding. While grandparents might want a live band, for us it just wasn’t something we were interested in.


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