should i just let myself go, now that Our relationship is over!!

i don't Really have to care Any more, i'm not going to go and be single, i don't want to take any bath, there's just no reasons to be like All Gorgeous now.

i Hate my diet, i can't eat everything Now.


i hate fashion, i'm not going to wear anything anymore. 

what i'm going to be ,like now, now what's there to do.. Now, i am like, some WOMANGirl that is like, Too Immature to Date.  Like how those PRO-Ball Guys are too immature for A Girlfriend. 


where Are all my Hair Elastics.  Every GIRL should go And get Herself a Face-lift after a Bad break-Up. Really [after All that Kissing, Crying and tilting her face up At some Tall Handsome] mine is One On-the-Go Collagen Entire face.


AnitaG. G. stands for GIRL


oh, Well! i met a new Guy by now, the Day before Valentines Day{our Relationship was over in February}.  i've know HimMyMAN for like a few years already but He hadn't seen me in like A year or something.. He wouldn't let ME take Him on a Date today, this Evening. i feel lots better! i did my Nails, make-Up and some Sexy Hair! and i'm going Shopping now! my perfume today is really fun. He came over to myPlace like a month since. acting like he knows me all the time

Now, yet Another Guyi've know HimMyMAN for like a few years already but He hadn't seen me in like A year or something.. metUp with ME at the Mall! like OMG. i gave him one of those "Hey Dahling" kisses on the cheek.

i met a totally New guy at this cutie Art Party in the City evening.

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