Should Older Women Use Money, Power and Sex to Entice Younger Men?

Most women do not realize that money - just like the promise of hot, raw sex - is a hell of an aphrodisiac.The powerful cocktail of money, power and sex make the women in possession of this mix irresistible to younger, inexperienced and vulnerable males.

Well anyway, isn’t this the same type of attraction older, successful men project toward younger women? The very same way the promise of an easier life attracts a younger woman, normally out of an old coot’s league, is the same promise that attracts a younger man who is normally out of a prowling cougar’s league.

Sounds like a balance and fair trade off to me; except that older women are usually in much better shape. Then what’s the problem? The problem is we’re women. Is this use of power by Baby Boomers a new thing?  NO, far from it.   It is just being newly publicized because now women hold power equal to and in some instances above that of power held by men.  According to a study by MassMutual Financial Group, 39% high net Baby Boomer women control two thirds of consumer wealth in the United States of America.  Simply put, older women are the group in charge of 'slanging that thang' called financial power - and with it, they are entering into the once closed world of self-indulgence otherwise known as Original Sin - sex for  money.

How mild or how wild it gets depends on the woman.  (For full read of article click below)




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