Should Parents Fight in Front of the Kids?

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My parents argued. In front of us, behind closed doors. They just argued. I now refer to them as "passionate people." They are. Like Mommy Boots, I swore that I would never-ever-ever-ever argue with my spouse in front of my kids. I failed very early on in that endeavor, though my husband and I both agreed not to have actual screaming matches. As Mommy Boots suggests in her post, I think letting your kids know that disagreements and even arguments happen in a relationship is beneficial to their future relationships. What do you think? Read her post for some great points.

Fighting in Front of the Kids: Never or Sometimes Needed?:

Parents ArguingJoshua once told me that growing up, he never heard nor saw his parents fight. If they had an issue with something, they hashed it out behind closed doors where their children didn’t witness the conflict. My parents? Screaming. Shouting. Name-calling. Door-slamming. My brother, who is 6 years older than I am, would let me into his bedroom (which almost never happened otherwise) when my parents would start fighting because he knew that it scared me.

I got to thinking about the different ways Josh and I were raised, and started wondering: what is the right way to go about handling things when you and your spouse/partner disagree and have children? Is it better to present a united front – a team – in front of your kids and save even a small argument for when you are alone, or is showing a little bit of disagreement every now and again okay…. And even healthy?

Read on for a great discussion about which way to raise your kids.

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