Should sex chat rooms make me feel icky?

  • I have a new addiction. Sex chat rooms. Now I was doing some research (no really) and I wanted to see what the big deal was. I remember when I was younger me and three friends went on a chat room secretly whilst her parents were downstairs. We told some guy there was four of us (which there was) that we were four young sexy 18 year olds (which we wasn't.) I even said my name was Kelly portraying myself as some fun blonde. At the time I thought blonde equalled attractive as we all know blondes have more fun. I enjoyed the attention I was getting as he 'chose' to speak to me, so these feelings were brought back as I sat behind the computer screen a few weeks ago reading messages from random men. Now I wasn't still aren't looking for an affair or to cheat but I can't lie I like the thrill, and the more I log on the more I enjoy reading 'great tits' 'your body's amazing' (these are the PG ones) and yes I gave in and uploaded some pictures faceless of course. Ive had to block quite a few men who don't like to be ignored-it takes more than a big cock to get my attention. So why do I give these perverts what they want? Why should I let men think its okay to try to degrade a woman? I'm no page 3 girl this is no great debate I just after years of a long distance relationship and being told less and less how sexy I am some god damn attention! Women watch porn just as much as men and I'm no prude and I'm finding myself divulging more information to these men. Telling them what my sexual fantasy's are knowing they are getting hard thinking of me. Women have a list of things they want from a man: tall, handsome, funny, loyal, rich blah blah blah. After talking to a number of men all they want is a set of tits. Hope for mankind after all? I think not.

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