Should Special Education Students Be Mainstream?

Special Education students should absolutely be mainstreamed. By mainstreaming these students, it will give them the opportunity to increase and build their self-esteem, it will allow them get motivated to reach their potential, and as well as allowing them to build social skills. Students who are in special education setting should not be segregated because of their academic challenges. They should be given the opportunities to co-exist with other students on a daily basis to bring along a sense of cohesion.

I am not suggesting by any means, that all students who are In a special education setting be transition immediately upon entering school. But preparing these students to transition into a mainstream system would be practical and will produce successful outcome for all. Although I am a supporter of the mainstreaming system, I also believe that the transition should be made appropriately and that all students should be given the opportunity. I think that the student should also be able to demonstrate the readiness for the transition at some point. The introduction should be made easy. I think that by starting the transition with classes such as Art, Music or Physical Education would allow the special education students to feel equal among their peers, because more than often they their writing and reading skills may fall behind than the students in the general classroom. In most instances, teachers should modify their lessons to accommodate the special education students to maximizes the chances of success.

It is relatively important to note that it is imperative for the teachers in the general classroom to inform their students that they will have a new classmate in the classroom. That would ensure that the students will model appropriate behavior in which the special education student should follow. To gain maximum success, it will be wise and appropriate for the special education student to be accompanied by a paraprofessional for support during the mainstream transition. As we know team work is the key to success during a mainstreaming transition.


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