Should You Apologize for being Down?

I've been trying harder to read other people's blogs which is difficult because I haven't often the time nor the inclination. Back when I had the chance I didn't much want to network in real time so now I don't much want to network on line.
But everyone likes comments and it take 'em to get 'em so I tried and the other day I noticed a mom-to-be posting about her pregnancy and she was vague but the post went something along the line of an apology and then the observation that she didn't want to be negative but sometimes things were hard.
It seemed weird to see her apologizing for posting something negative. She'd hardly said anything at all that really was negative - just slightly less than rosy.
I'm always being negative and using black humor, heck even my blog is black. Most mommy blogs contain polka-dot backgrounds and pastel colors and are more vibrant in appearance than my background which I suppose I could easily change except that I like black. I like stark. I don't want to offend either but I don't want to apologize for not appearing constantly Pollyannaish (does anyone even get references to Pollyanna any more?) I guess I don't have to worry, I mean I did after all call my blog The Mommy Rant, not Happy Mommy Musings or Up Up With Motherhood. I'm always suspicious when people post nothing but sunshine on their blogs or Facebook pages, like it's all too good to be true you know?
Which isn't to say it's never fun. It was fun yesterday putting on the play behind the couch and it was fun today laughing with C over our purchases at Windfall Market.


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