Should You Avoid Telling Your Truth Just Because It Makes Someone Else's Truth Look BAD?

Revealing the truth ~

 Would you be proud of your truth; your contribution to the world, others, family .. Do you feel proud of they way your are treated or respected by those in your life. Would you be embarrassed if a spotlight was placed for the world with loud speakers & a band announcing YOUR truth? 

Sometimes people have asked me "don't you think that was mean to say" or rude?? And sometimes in the past, I've learned that stating every thought or fact, opinion is wasted time & energy that be better served elsewhere. HOWEVER I've also learned about my own mental & emotional health requires that I release that which I cannot change & hold on to belief that the lesson will be revealed? (Not a perfected skill by any means). At that point, I release it, let go, grieve the unmet hopes, dreams ... etc. I'm finding it therapeutic for myself & those who must interact with me; face it & just move on.

 Writing is much better than yelling & actually more rewarding. No guilt /shame. And if some people find it too close to home or offensive or ... rude. Well I say, this is my reality as I see it, my truth, my experience & conclusion I've come to usually after years of hoping, trying, compromising, denying reality to make something be NOT TRUE because that means accepting a disappointing reality and every single time I give up on a particular hope or trust in someone etc, it does chip a little something away in your soul at first & sometimes it lasts a LONG LONG time but so far in 43 years, there has always been a more valuable life lesson.

This pproach is helping me be more at peace & just say "OK, well that really sucks".  I allow myself a day to have some Tears. Mope around. LIVE THRU IT!!!  Then, Move on! Compartmentalizing or coping or both? Idk? It works for me & when I am at the place that I've given up & accepting the effed up reality, people don't always like it put so directly & bluntly and I understand that cuz I could use a pound of sugar stomach it too because it's vile.

But if the truth is upsetting or embarrassing with light upon it, maybe they should choose to make their truth something they can be proud of. I'd prefer it not be so ugly, sad, painful ...etc but it doesn't work that way. Facts are facts. If I get to the place where its take no prisoners truth time, I've already tried to manipulate it around in my heart & mind for long period (years) & it just keeps coming up the same .. no denying it like it or not. So if someone doesn't like truths I share or feel it makes them look bad, I'm sorry .. maybe you should adjust your truth /actions accordingly because if they feel uncomfortable with light upon their actions, magnify that inside the heart of others who believed, gave every benefit, every opportunity, every hope, faith, & trust in them to  come back to disappointment, disrespect or betrayal, time & time again & again??

No one wants to admit truths that are heartbreaking so if you're on either side of it maybe its time to make an adjustment & create for yourself a truth that fulfils you, makes u poud on either end. Relstionships should brings positove energy to your life on either side. If you're behaving in ways you know you're not proud of & hiding it or you are being treated or allowing yourself to be mistreated & feeling time & time shame of lowering ur self respect then maybe, TODAY is the day to change your truth, accept it & change it so anyone can be proud of putting out as well as demanding others treat u in a way they'd be proud of if you decided to make an announcement on your blog linked to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Etc.....

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