Should You Toss Your Employee Handbook?

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How real is your employee handbook? Does it read like the phone book or do you add some personality and real-life what it's like to work here to it? The handbook reflects your culture. If you want people to read it, you need to sell it to your audience, aka employees. Learn how to toss out what doesn't work and embrace what does.

The photo on page 25 shows your marketing department playing ping-pong in the cafeteria. The caption next to your director’s shirt reads, “No tie required, but ironing is encouraged.” Another picture includes your shipping department filling out their March Madness brackets and the description reads, 15484-41dg “Playing for fun only, no money changes hands. Aren't they a well-groomed looking crew?” The receptionist’s picture has an arrow pointing to her legs with this tag: “Nylon hose is optional. We left that back in the 1970s and we welcome your comfort.”

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