Show Us Your Favorite Football Team-Inspired Shoes!

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This is how much interest I have in American professional football: zero, zilch, nada, none, nil! So you can imagine my great lack of enthusiasm when my football-loving co-workers suggested that we theme this week’s shoe shot to align with a certain upcoming game taking place on Sunday.

To capitalize on the spirit of the Super Bowl, the idea is to wear shoes that represent the color of your favorite football team, whether or not your team is actually playing on Sunday (wait, who’s playing again??)

Forced to make some kind of aesthetic decision, I’ve overcome my aforementioned football indifference and decided to begrudgingly play along. I’m “taking one for the team” so to speak!

I am defaulting to the color of the team I would be fan of if I lived in some alternate parallel universe where I actually enjoyed the sport. I’m going with GREEN from my hometown team, the Philadelphia Eagles, in honor of my brother who is the most passionate and obnoxious Eagles fan you will ever meet -– think Robert De Nero in Silver Linings Playbook. Yes, he’s that bad.

So without further adieu, I bring you the BlogHer “Super Bowl” Shoe shot. Try to guess which teams are being celebrated below and please post your own football inspired shoes here.  BlogHerLovesShoes!

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