Show your Crafts!!



Hi everyone and have a cool week, my weekend was full of excitement and full of perfumes, with the  company of new and old friends, each of which has left me a sign and a lot of positivity. A special thanks to my treasures, they always believe in me. Now the step by step of this new creation "a craft box, decorative jewelry." the idea was born in my stolen moments of sleep, but I'm really satisfied. U need a piece of thick polystyrene, half Christmas balls and cutter. With half balls I pressed on polystyrene to make the measurement, then I cut to size with a knife, I put the half-balls and I hung on the wall like a paint and then of course I put my crafts. (of course you don't need to remove the panel to get them, simply remove the ball and so the crafts are ready to wear and beautiful to show). Kisses kisses and I'm diving in another busy week and  busy meetings, but with you time pass quickly...


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