**I posted this last month - and I'm happy to see the people who've jumped on this bandwagon.


I've seen this button appear on  my facebook newsfeed...





Don't get me wrong, I understand the sentiment behind it: greedy retailers blahblahblah greedy consumerism blahblahblah.


And for the record, I hate that people become animals on Black Friday (and now Thanksgiving Thursday)...great sales and saving a considerable amount of $ is no reason for everyone to suddenly go feral. It's disgusting and horrible.


But what, only people in retail deserve a holiday, to spend time with their families?


What about that guy at 7-11, who makes sure you have coffee and gasoline to get to your big ol' family gathering?


What about the pilot and flight attendants who make sure your family gets there on their flight?

Or the people at the rent-a-car place when your family gets off the plane at 7am on Thanksgiving morning?


I was in the hotel business for many years, and guess what? Without us working on holidays, away from OUR families, YOUR family wouldn't have anyplace to stay when they come to gather 'round the turkey at your house. They wouldn't have wakeup calls or complimentary coffee in the lobby before they get to your house. Or anyplace to get a toothbrush because Aunt Gertrude forgot to pack hers.



But sometimes circumstances are what they are and most people are aware - BEFORE they accept a job - whether or not holidays are required. Most places rotate their employees on holiday shifts every year so that they do get a chance to spend time with their family on holidays.


And lest we forget - some people don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Or Christmas.

Some people have no family or friends to celebrate with.

Some people have no family or friends they WANT to celebrate with.


Face it: for many, many types of business, NOT JUST RETAIL, working on holidays is a Thing. It has always been a Thing and will likely continue to be a Thing.

And whether you decide to shop on Thanksgiving or not, some stores will still choose to be open.


Be honest - have you NEVER gone to the movies on Thanksgiving or Christmas? For some families, it's a tradition to hit a movie together. What about THOSE employees, hmmmmm?


When I worked at Hertz Worldwide Reservations center, we got paid DOUBLE time and a half for holiday shifts, and I needed the money so desperately I was glad to volunteer to work it.


And seriously, who can say that they've NEVER been saved by a local grocery store, when Uncle Joe shows up and announces "WE FORGOT THE ROLLS!" and then someone yells "THANKSGIVING IS RUINED!" and there is general chaos until someone calmly runs to the Safeway to pick up a couple packs of Brown N Serves and maybe a can of cranberry sauce too.


OH RIGHT, those aren't greedy retail jobs so those employees don't deserve the time off to be with their families.

My mistake.


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