SIbling Rivalry

This is a post not so geared toward using digital media to help resolve sibling rivalry. Although, if anyone knows of an app that helps.. ping me.

This is a cry for help. I figure I belong to the BlogHer Family Connections group... If I can't come HERE to seek out advice about family dynamics - where CAN I go?

Here's the deal. I have a 10 year old son, a 7 year old daughter, and my littlest will be 5 in a week. The youngest is an emotional terrorist/master manipulator to us all. But that's not even my biggest problem.

The thing that could very soon put me over the edge is the rivalry between my son and oldest daughter. Each is willing to give anything up in order to make the other miserable. If my son thinks my daughter wants broccoli (though he hates broccoli), he will fight for the last piece of broccoli just so he can tick her off. And vice-versa.

They want everything "fair'. I tell them everything IS fair, but all is not equal. I try to drive home the fact that each  is different, and because of that  portions will not be match-matchy, time spent here or there will reflect the different nature of activity/personality/ageā€¦ As hard as I try to communicate that what is happening is fair, I cannot control their perceptionā€¦

I am losing my mind. I can't keep a score card. Even birthday party candy - GOOD GOLLY - I just don't remember feeling like my sister had to share with me the candy she got from a birthday party I did not attend. It really makes me wonder what the h-e-double-hockeysticks I have been doing wrong.

Either I need a magic potion, or a golden ticket, an app, or a free stay at the funny farm. Do you, my co-digital parents have any advice, ideas, or encouragement to help keep me from having to check-in at the funny farm?


Jenny Ingram writes at Jenny On The Spot and wears glitter everyday. She also digresses over there on the Twitter @jennyonthespot.


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