Sibling rivals between adults?


In addition to everyday schedules to stick to, accidents, deaths, debts and happiness, there is still something missing.  Drama maybe one, greed, total attention and jealousy play an important role in this situation.  Some have it more than others but is this root of all evil? They say family are the worse to deal business with but what about growing up, maturing, not being so judgmental. There is no one on this earth that can totally say they are perfect because there is no such thing.


Sibling rivalries happen every day, from the crack of the morning, noon, and night.  That is if we are talking directly about children here. All children are born with their own individual personalities’, some a little more aggressive than others.  This is coming from a middle child that has grown and matured passed that with four children ranging from ages 15 to 2 years of age, so the last thing I could consider myself involved in, is some stupid memories that are half true anyway. Why don’t people realize that when you are a kid, you are young and ignorant, you can rarely understand yourself so in that case, how could you determine or place judgment what is right or wrong of a person at that time?


Amongst children born and living together there are going to be bonds and separations between them. The odds of three children, two of them will bond better and then the other will or may feel different, but when that odd ball is the youngest they often look for resentment to sabotage it all.  It is just not a good relationship when you are using and hustling others with the pity stories to get what you want and not what you need and when things don’t go your way, an adult, mother herself, has to reach in her mean bag for the lowest thing to say, they need to deal with themselves first, my Shrink told me. What example did that show YOUR own family and your morals?

A well rounded foundation is not prevention for such characteristics, in my opinion and research states that control could be a factor. Being a middle child I was socially forced accept being flexible with everyone else was into.  I had to omit cheerleading, drama clubs, gospel chorus for convenience of others and I will not complain. In fact, until now who would have thought I even remembered these wants and desires that will always be just a dream, with never having the chance to satisfy my own aspirations. Did anyone ask me how I felt, no, and they better not because it doesn’t even matter my time has passed just like a grudge over such pettiness. 

Why would one keep such a grudge since childhood? Do you have such ruckus going on in your own life that you have to bring my spirits down?

I don’t have any answers to this situation but I do know this, I was born alone and I shall die the same. My father whom I share an “I love you” at the end of a conversation told me, “life is you and you are alone.” That was one of the realist things he has ever told me. This blog has inspired me of a new tattoo I am about to start designing. Thank you for the extra push to stay determined because even a family member can forget how real love feels.

Poor Ole Mime


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