Siblings of special needs

As a mother I know first hand the feelings of having a special needs child, but I think that we overlook the siblings sometimes. I am truly blessed to have daughters that fully embrace their sister and the hand that life dealt us all. My oldest daughter and my youngest are devoted volunteers to the Special Olympics and support Sis in all she does. The responsibility that lies on a sibling of a special needs child is remarkable.

To be adamant about learning how to give properly dosed insulin shots, and watch for the signs of seizures, to sit and wait in the Doctors waiting room time after time, to miss Mom tucking you in because she’s at the Hospital, to watch Mom cry for hours worried sick, to be on the sidelines waiting for Mom time.

The strength and courage they display is selfless and it took me a long time to realize that they too have walked this journey alongside us. Sometimes as a  parent we feel no one in the world can understand all the emotions that surround this one person. My love and devotion to all my girls will never falter. They both have sacrificed so much and I feel guilt surrounding the time I take from them because Sis needs it more. So many times plans don’t work out the way we had hoped and that’s ok ,I think it has turned out to be a great ride and watching all my girls together lets me know, this is exactly the way it was suppose to be.

So to all the siblings out there, I applaud you!!!