Hello! All those who, hope, happen to this site will have noticed immediately that this is another food blog. Yet another, many will say. I could certainly be the most original opening a blog about origami or feng shui. But in truth origami and feng shui I know nothing. Cooking, instead, something to know or, at least, I presume to know how. Iintroduce: We are two brothers (this is also easily guessed from the subtitle of the blog), Sicilian and, and this information is the only truly new, we are Ada and Riccardo, class 1975 and 1978.

Why start another cooking blog in a time when many are cooking blog, perhaps too? First, because in this way the recipes of our memory, of our tradition, in substance of our family, and those of our mind, we create with your imagination, will finally be coded, put on paper, available primarily for ourselves and for those who love us, but also ready to take the flight to anyone who wants to experience them. This blog is a sort of cookbook evolving. Not only Sicilian cuisine, then, but also the cuisine that comes to mind: a clausola, all strictly already 'eaten’ with satisfaction and then 'guaranteed', at least by us.