Sick and Tired.

I am so tired of being so sick and tired! So I am going to do something about it. I've had more than my share of doctors visits and useless testing in that none of it has told me anything useful or informative. It's a new Dawn and a new day and it's time for me to take this thing into my own hands.

What the doctors want to do to me next is called a tilt table test. What that entails is strapping me to a table. possibly injecting me with a drug to make me more susceptible to passing out. possibly putting in an IV for emergency purposes. Connecting EKG and blood pressure monitors to me. suspending me at an angle of 60 or 80 degrees and then forcibly tilting me upright in order to induce a fainting episode. They repeat the tilting until you either pass out. show symptoms of a blood pressure drop or up until 25-45 minutes have passed.

The possible side effects are seizure or a temporary stopping of my heart.

And why would they do this?

To determine chronic fatigue syndrome and for work ups dealing with fibromyalgia.

Do I have fibromyalgia? Nope. Chronic fatigue syndrome? Maybe? Am I going to allow them to turn me into a guinea pig? Absolutely not.

So what is a girl to do?

Well for starters lets document symptoms: Periodic loss of consciousness over the last 14 years. Fatigue. Panic attacks. Food allergies. Pain in the back of my head sometimes dull sometimes sharp sometimes moving up into the crown. White coating on tongue. Inflammation especially in the lower back where I have a bulging and herniated disk. Pain in left side where I broke a rib a few years ago. Floaters in left eye. Trouble breathing. Sensitivity to bright light. Dizziness. A feeling of disconnection.

And that is just off the top of my head.

There are three things I plan to use in order to heal myself: Diet. Juicing. and Supplements.

As far as our diet is concerned. My plan is to move towards a more than half raw vegan lifestyle. I don't believe that going from steak every day to raw vegan should happen over night but we have already begun on this path. This is also why my goal is for a therapeutic 51 percent as opposed to stressing myself out by trying to get to 100 percent right off the bat. Presently we have eliminated cow (including dairy). chicken. and fish from our diet. We do still use eggs and raw honey. Charlie is currently gluten. dairy. and soy free. and I have removed corn from my diet as I am allergic to it.

I plan to have my veggies and fruits delivered via Basis organic food delivery due to the lack of good organic food choices where we are currently located. The way the delivery works is you get a box of organic veggies and/or a bag of organic fruit. You do not choose what you get. The box includes all of the farm fresh seasonal produce available for that week.

I also plan to dust off the juicer. Which does an awesome job on those veggies I might not already be a huge fan of. Lets say I get turnips in my box and am wholly uneducated on how to use them. I can then add them to a juice recipe and reap the benefits that way.

With such beautiful weather in the New York area this year I am excited to get into my backyard to create a container garden. Mind you I do not have a green thumb at all. but I do have a strong enough desire to really know what is in my food and being done to it to try. Our last year in Queens I did a garden which became some what of a disappointment in my lack of ability but the kale at least was awesome and easy to grow.

I have also begun ordering and adding certain "superfoods" into our diet: maca root. cacao bean. spirulina. goji berries. to name a few as a lot of the raw vegan recipes I am finding make use of them.

In my quest to really learn about the food that I am putting into my and my families bodies I have been watching as many documentaries as I can on the subject. Films like: Food Inc. Supersize Me. Food Matters. King Corn. Forks Over Knives. and from here I plan to turn my free time towards books on nutrition and supplementation.

My current supplements are as follows: Prenatal. Lactation vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C. Vitamin B12. Ginko Biloba. Ginger. Fish Oil.

I have also been able to get back into the gym after delivering my second son nearly 8 months ago. Currently I am doing yoga twice a week and swimming laps as frequently as possible. As I begin to feel better I plan to dedicate more time into the gym.

Lets call this day one on our journey towards health. As I learn more. make adjustments and as I am expecting to begin to feel better. I will mark our progress here. Wish us luck!


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