Sick Saver Bags the Ultimate Car Barf Protection gets sick. Some of us get sick more often than others, and for many different reasons. Some people get motion sickness every time they take a car ride, others get the dreaded stomach flu, pregnant women suffer with morning sickness, and some get queasy from various medications including chemotherapy treatments.

No matter why you get sick, you will be served well by having a stack of Sick Saver bags handy. No one likes to get sick, and no one likes to clean it up either! Durable Sick Saver bags eliminate the mess that normally comes when someone vomits in your car!

Andrew and Billie Moody launched Sick Saver in early 2002 to offer sick bags to the general public. Their eldest daughter Eliana suffered frequently with car sickness. After searching in vain for several months to buy car sickness bags, they decided they should make their own. They were sure that they weren't the only ones in this situation and wanted to provide relief to others in the same situation.

Sick Saver will change your lives. Gone are the days of cleaning out the car seat and trying to get stains out of clothes and upholstery. Whenever your child feels queasy, open a Sick Saver bag and puts it to good use. When they get sick there is no mess to clean up!

They receive many thank you letters from their customers who use the bags for morning sickness, car sickness, or nausea resulting from chemotherapy treatments. These awesome bags are also used in hospitals, clinics, buses, airplanes, taxi cabs, and even by the United States Navy.

I suggest you keep a supply around the house for those untimely illnesses. A Sick Saver bag beats sticking your head in the toilet, or mom's big mixing bowls! Let's face it, when you're feeling sick, the last place you want to put your head is inside a filthy smelly toilet or trash can. And no one likes to throw up on the side of the road if for no other reason than it is dangerous!

Sick Saver is a home-based business. Andrew is a full time pastor of a church in Amarillo, Texas and a prison chaplain. Billie is a full-time mother of four beautiful children.

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