The Sickness Shuffle

I always seem to write about my appearance as a mom. I have to admit I am getting better. On those jogging pant’s days I try harder to do my hair, put on a little make-up. Our appearance says a lot about us. Today my appearance tells you one of two things, that I spend the better part of the week in a tavern or I have been taking care of two sick kids. Unfortunately I am sober.

Taking care of sick kids leaves me tired, very tired. Doing the blow nose, drink water, cold syrup, Tylenol, rub back shuffle at all hours of the night can make you lose some Zzzz. One of the first things to go is my decision making skills. Case in point today while discussing with Nolan how to deal with a bossy classmate I told Nolan to tell the kid “who made you king of the classroom.” I know not the best thing to teach your child, but the bossy brat classmate weighs on my nerves so I forgive myself ,and Nolan, if Nolan says anything.

The mind is always the first to go, then soon I am stumbling around like I have had a few drinks. Last night as I stumbled around trying to get the kids medicine I stubbed my toe and ran into a wall. Not to mention while trying to dispense cough medicine, in the dark I spilled some on the white carpet. Nothing like extra work for a mommy.

I do try to avoid the stairs at all cost on these nights, nothing like a stumble down the stairs at 3:00 a.m. Which brings up a question, if I did take a tumble down the steps would my husband hear? He certainly does not hear the coughing and crying at 3:00 a.m. How can he sleep through the noise perfectly content dreaming away. Last night the thought crossed my mind, but I remiss hubby’s life insurance is not that great.

We are moms and it is part of the code, we take care of our sick kids. It breaks my heart to see my kids cough, or cry. I do everything within my power to make them feel “all better.” After the last gallon of snot has dripped out of their precious noses and the last box of Kleenex is in the garbage I come to appreciate certain thing a little more. A full night sleep for one, but mostly the fact my kids are pretty darn healthy. Pretty soon they won’t need me to rub their backs or help them get drinks at the wee hours of the morning. One day I won’t have to tell Nolan “no tissue first then blow your nose.” They need me now and when the day comes that they don’t I will miss it, if only just a little.