Side A: Love Songs, Part 1

Roses 1 If music be the food of love, play on. ~ William Shakespeare

What does music have to do with love? Just about everything. Almost every song, regardless of genre or generation, is about love: unrequited love; good love; bad love; long lost love; the magic of love; falling in love; falling out of love; first love; last love; secret love; young love; love after many years, the upside of the love and the downside of love. Music often sets the stage for falling in love whether it plays in the background at a bar, a restaurant, a movie, a concert or on the car radio; music allows you to get close to your potential new love without words when dancing, holding hands or snuggling; and music can bring back the feelings of first being in love; losing love; hitting some rough patches and making up again. One song can represent all of these things to a couple; or maybe different songs symbolize different phases of a relationship for another couple. Just like every couple's experiences and relationship is unique, so is their song and its meaning.

I ask you, what else can reduce us to tears, puff us up with love and confidence or give us a boost to follow our hearts? What else other than music can make us feel so much?

The Science of Music

I recently read an article about a study done at McGill University that found that listening to music triggers the same pleasure inducing chemicals in the brain as sex does. In this study, volunteers' brains were scanned while they listened to their favorite instrumental music, ranging from classical to punk to bagpipes even. The resulting scans indicated that as the thrilling parts of the music approached, the neurochemical dopamine was released by a part of the brain's striatum region. Once the musical climax occurred, the dopamine surged through a different part of the striatum. Dopamine is the same chemical associated with pleasurable feelings while eating, having sex or using psychoactive drugs.

Still think music isn't so important to love or life and our feelings about things? Think about your favorite love scene in a movie; or any favorite movie scene for that matter? Now take the music away. I bet its affect is not the same. Music adds passion and powerful feelings and emotions.

My World of Music

Music is an important part of my world. I love music and always have. And I thought I had a wide musical range until 89.3 The Current, a Minnesota Public Radio station, went on the air in early 2005. This young station's arrival on the scene coincided with the beginning of my working from home as an independent contractor. I began listening out of curiosity. The Current has now become a part of me; a part of our family; we've been sustaining members for years now. They have opened my eyes {& ears} to so many fabulous artists and musical styles; both locally and worldwide.

The Scoop

Later today, I'll be posting a Q & A with Mark Wheat, Current DJ and host of the Valentine's Day Greatest Love Songs of All Time. Plus I'll have a Motherly Law-style Public Service Announcement regarding MPR and all public stations. Over and out...



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