Sidewalk Chalk, I hate you.

So, I have a home daycare.  We do things like painting, coloring, and pasting.  Outside we do the same, often adding sidewalk chalk.  Sidewalk chalk is amazing – you can draw, write, create games with it – it’s uses are amazing, and it washes right off.

Over the last week – someone (I’m guessing Adam) brought a piece of sidewalk chalk inside.  Not a big deal.  Then someone (I’m also guessing Adam) drew a picture on my pale cream berber carpet.  Again, not a big deal.  It was just chalk.

Yesterday, I decided to steam clean the carpets in the house (our Eid celebrations had done quite the number on my floors!)  So, I pull out my steam cleaner and start the process of cleaning.  I go to the spot where the cup of coffee was spilled – it’s cleaned out so well that you can’t even see it was ever there.  Next I attack the spot where a glass of grape juice was dropped – again, completely taken out of the carpet.  After that, I go to the spot where someone dropped a piece of  chocolate cake (which was then somehow smeared into the carpet — again, I’m assuming Adam here) – and voila – my steam cleaner gets that stuff out and the carpet looks like new.

Then I get to the spot where someone (Adam) drew on the carpet with sidewalk chalk.  It’s sidewalk chalk, – this stuff washes off your hands with just water, this should be easy, right?


The stuff got darker.  Surprising…but then I thought – well, it’s wet now, yeah, it’ll get darker.

But instead of being sucked up and away like the coffee, grape juice and chocolate cake – it just seemed to get set deeper into the carpet.  I went over that spot FIVE TIMES….and still haven’t been able to get it out!  It’s sidewalk chalk – why won’t it come out???



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