Sightings of Creatures in the Wild

 We are here in Northern PA and on a little lake in the woods. So far we have seen Grandaddy Turtle (a big snapper) in the lake near us, a red snake on a hike (non-venomous), beaver on the lake while we were canoeing, and the bald eagle near its nest. The end of the lake belongs to the animals and we take the canoe each night very carefully and quietly there, being careful not to get too close. The bald eagles have a huge nest in one of the trees. They and their ofspring have been seen there for years. It is such a privilage to have them there. And we love our beaver. What a joy to see these animals on their own turf. There is a black bear nearby. We saw her with her cub last summer. We give her wide berth. I love this place. 


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