A Sign from My Dad?

I look for signs from my dad every day, and I pray for him to tell me that he is watching over me every night. While it may be farfetched, I need to know that he is out there somewhere and not simply gone forever.

I should probably start with the fact that I have recently inherited my dad’s dog. My dad was always worried that Archie wouldn’t get enough attention after he passed away, so I brought him home with me. It has been a bit of an adjustment but he sticks fairly close to me since his eyesight is fading with old age. He has certainly never wandered to the back part of the house (mostly because he isn’t allowed anywhere near my oriental carpets), but especially when I’m laying in my den watching movies – he never moves. He likes to cuddle in the fur blanket next to me.

But last night as I got up to turn off the lights and get ready for bed, Archie was nowhere to be found. I panicked for a moment after I looked in all the usual spots, and finally went to the back of the house. And there he was – curled up in my dad’s clothes on the floor of my closet.

“What are your dad’s clothes doing on your closet floor?,” you ask. Well, it turns out I have become a bit of a hoarder with my dad’s things. My mom asked me what I wanted of his, and I just couldn’t bear to think of his things being given away. I know it might be selfish of me since there are so many people who need clothes, but I had to take the things I remember seeing him in. It helps me remember him. And so I went home and put all of his things in a trunk in my closet for a few months until I could figure out where to put them.

Skip to the New Year when my resolution is to get organized and I emptied the trunk to figure out where to put everything. And there is Archie.

It might just be a coincidence – Archie does love to lay on anything soft. But after talking to my doggie expert friend, Maggie, I have hope. When a dog’s senses fade, others are heightened (i.e. his sense of smell). I don’t know if it was my dad giving me a sign, but it certainly melted/broke my heart and let me know that my dad is still around to his dog.

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