Sign of the Times

Two things have got me thinking about how disconnected we are as a society despite how “connected” we are. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs, Skpye, iPad, iPods, texts, blackberries, iPhones, email the list goes on.

The other day a nurse, myself and a transporter were taking a patient who was on a ventilator down to CT scan. It takes really more time to get the patient packed up and down to the scanner than the scan actually takes. Once we were there and the patient was on the table and as we listened to the hiss of the ventilator and the beep beep beep of the monitor, the tree of us sat down next to each other and all of us whipped out our respective smart phones and began checking email, facebook twitter or what have you. The CT technician commented on this. He said “Sign of the times, sign of the times look at the three of you on your phones” And he was right. It is a sign of the times. A sign of the times that we are so connected yet so disconnected to each other.

Gone are the days of snail mail letters. When I was younger I had pen pals and wrote letters to my friends and family. It was always wonderful to receive a letter in a pink, green or blue envelope in the mail from one of my friends.

Yesterday was my birthday and I received 47 Happy Birthday’s on Facebook. Forty-seven! I received exactly 10 birthday Cards (two of which were from my job and university respectively), 5 texts and 4 telephone calls to say Happy birthday. It used to be I would get a lot more cards and phone calls. It’s the changing times. Everyone is so overworked, over scheduled, and tired that niceties of the past are gone. Now it’s a quick email, text or facebook/MySpace message. So impersonal. I am guilty of it too. I would rather text or email someone than talk to them on the phone. Why because it takes less time i suppose. I do however, send birthday, wedding, anniversary and Christmas cards to those I care about.

I watched the movie Up in the Air the other day. If you haven’t seen it George Clooney plays Ryan a man who spends his life on planes going around the company firing people for employers who don’t have the nuts to fire their own employees. Along comes a young 23 year old who develops a way to terminate people via video conferencing. A very impersonal way of firing someone. I don’t know if something like this exists but I really hope it doesn’t. I wonder if America is headed toward a dystopian society as current events suggest?



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