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Anne Kimball

Life on the Funny Farm

My son Patrick got one of his favorite shows - Arrested Development - as a DVD collection for Christmas.
I had never seen it before, but he kept telling me how great it was, so I sat down to watch some of it with him.
And it really is amazing. Very funny. Very clever. And I love Jason Bateman, so there's that.

Anyway, the point of this post, I'm getting to it.
So I see one of the actors is Portia de Rossi, and I say,
Oh, that's Ellen's wife.
And Patrick says,
And I say,
Portia de Rossi. That's Ellen's wife.
And he says,
Ellen who?
And I say,
Ellen DeGeneres.
And he says,
I didn't know she was....
And I sit up, ready to do battle with my 17 year old son about gay rights and how marriage is about love and committment and what difference does it make who....
And he went right back to watching the show without a hitch in his stride.

Sign of the times.
Love it.....


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