The Silent Crisis Destroying America's Brightest Minds

When Will America's Children Become America's First Priority?



The Silent Crisis Destroying America’s Brightest Minds

By Sharon Rose Sugar

ISBN: 978-1-885872-54-8


Why are the brightest among us, America’s Brightest Minds, committing suicide in every great school in the nation, by jumping off jagged cliffs, library balconies, dorm-room rooftops, and famous bridges?


This revolutionary book on American education courageously tackles tough and treacherous terrain. It treads dangerously on minefields deeply buried in American pedagogy. Armed with a penetrating arrow of perspicacious hindsight, insight, and foresight, this book will pierce your heart and mind and leave indelible footprints; it will awaken within you your own deeply buried and forsaken memories of academic heartache and triumph. Ms. Sharon Rose Sugar is a smart woman and this is a groundbreaking and brilliant book that will never gather dust on a library shelf or be passed over in a bookstore.


Most American students, even the brightest among us, will earn a diploma, but not an education, because most student are enrolled in a malfunctioning, private or public, "Quantity Over Quality Curriculum-Driven American education system" that is riddled with “Academic Insanity.”


As early as the third grade, most American students will suffer from the “Pain of Inadequacy” and graduate bearing the “Scars of Incompetence." The malfunctioning American education system is a runaway train manned by a blindsided conductor who is decapitating students without warning because he is clueless as to, ”How Does Learning Take Place?” Most students are anxious, stressed, and suffer "bouts of depression from the daily academic grind of “Read Cram, Regurgitate, and Test.” The abusive (tricky) “Hotdog” exams do not measure education. Too many American students are disconnected, depressed, distracted, disillusioned, disgruntled, disobedient—and drugged.


There are eight distinct groups of students who have become victims: America's Brightest Minds; misdiagnosed

A.D.H.D. students, children living in poverty, high school dropouts, America’s prison inmates, and military recruits;

lateral right-brain creative students; and depressed and suicidal college students drowning in student debt.


This book addresses the hot-button issues in American education: The A.D.H.D. epidemic; school-bomb scares; school

shootings and massacres; stop-lossed soldiers; America's prison population; high school dropouts; and college binge-drinking.


According to Ms. Sugar, "Most students do not learn how to succeed in the American education system; they spend most

of their time learning how to survive the American education system."


This book asks and answers more than fifty questions as to why the malfunctioning American education system is failing

to educate the strong linear left-brain students, as well as the most vulnerable: The lateral right-brain creative students.


Q: Why do the best schools have the highest suicide rates?

Q: Why do, America’s Brightest Minds, have to cut corners and cheat?

Q: Why do, America’s Brightest Minds, need metal detectors?

Q: Why are, America’s Brightest Minds, drinking themselves into a stupor, under a table, onto a floor, and into an early grave?

Q: Why are, America’s Brightest Minds, dropping out of the best schools in the nation?

Q: Why are the most sensitive and creative students misdiagnosed with, A.D.H.D., “an incurable brain disorder”?


According to the author, Ms. Sugar, an education-warrior stationed on the frontline of the battlefield for literacy, who

pioneered a new learning technology, ACANDY Processing Tools, and Intrapersonal-Integration Therapy, that heals dispirited

students. “I single-handedly rescued many children and I wrote the book to save the lives of millions of American children.”

This book is a wake-up call and a call to action. There is a bright and illuminating light at the end of the dark and dingy

education tunnel of doom and gloom:


Q: What are the fifteen stumbling-blocks of academic failure?

Q: What are the fifteen stepping-stones for academic success?

Q: How do you nurture and cultivate the awesome power of the human brain?

Q: How does learning take place?

Q: How does the new learning technology, ACANDY Processing Tools, transform victims into victors?

Q: What is the Universal Gold Standard of Education?


There is something for everyone: Teachers, parents, students, psychiatrists, and politicians. This book will never grow old

and gather dust on a library shelf because this book empowers, emancipates, and entertains, but most importantly, it educates, a rare and elusive commodity. This book has legs that walk the talk: Every Student Is a Success Story






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